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Wireless Relay Control

Wireless Relay Control

Wireless Relay

Wireless Relay Control

Wireless Relay
Wireless Relay Board

Wireless Relays are equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow you to Control one relay at a time, a bank of relays or all relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set.  Wireless Relay Controllers allow wireless computer controlled switching and mount as a COM port on your computer.  Wireless Relays are ideally suited for applications that require data collection and control from a single device.

Wireless Relay Options

Wireless Relays are available in 802.15.4, Bluetooth, XSC Long Range and 802.11b Wi-Fi with SPDT 5, 10 and 20 amp, SPST 30 amp and DPDT 1, 3 & 5 amp relays installed.  For an overview of each wireless protocol see bottom of page.

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Wireless Relay
802.15.4, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more and control using a
computer or a simple contact closure
Reliable Wireless Relay Control!

Wireless Relay Features

  • Available Wireless Protocols:
      - 802.15.4
      - Bluetooth
      - XSC (Long Range)
      - Wi-Fi
      - XB Mesh
  • Supports 2-way communications
  • 1 to 32 Channel versions available
  • Control one relay at a time or all relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set
  • ProXR Lite Versions - Not Expandable
  • ProXR Versions Expandable up to 256 Relays
Time Activated Relay

Wireless Relay
We offer more wireless protocol options than
any other relay manufacturer!  Select a wireless protocol that fits your needs.
Choose an Interface Below

Selecting a Wireless Relay

Wireless Relays are available in five different wireless protocols - more than any other manufacturer.  Each protocol is slightly different in terms of the wireless range that they can transmit in addition to the type of wireless it is.  Some wireless options have different ranges that they can transmit, this is done by adding an external antenna at checkout.  Select a wireless relay that fits your needs or range that you are looking to transmit.

Wireless Modules

Wireless transmission is achieved by modules installed on the board.  All boards have modules installed and when you select a wireless protocol the appropriate module will be installed.  Pictures shown on the site will have the short range antenna but in most cases there are external antennas available.
802.15.4 Module Bluetooth Module XSC Module Wi-Fi Module Zigbee Module
802.15.4 Module Bluetooth Module XSC Module Wi-Fi Module ZB ZigBee Module

Other Wireless Relay Options

A quick note regarding some of the boards you will find below.  The MirC and MirX relays do not need a computer and will transmit wirelessly between two boards with a contact closure triggering the relay and not a computer.  The Key Fob Relays are triggered with a key fob wirelessly and again does not need a computer except for configuration.  Scroll down for a full list of all Wireless Relays that we offer and click the links for more information on each one.

Wireless Relay Overview

Wireless Protocols for Today's Needs

National Control Devices offers more wireless options than any other relay manufacturer.  Each wireless protocol has a place and we're confident that you will find one to suit your application  Here's an overview of each wireless protocol we offer.

Bluetooth Relay

We offer Bluetooth communications because of its popularity with mobile devices. If you want to control relays with your smartphone (and you are savvy at writing such an application), then Bluetooth is the ideal choice. iPhone, iPad, and iPod developers should be warned, Apple iOS devices encrypt the Bluetooth protocol deliberately, so our Bluetooth interface is compatible with every computer ever made, including Android, PCs (and every version of Windows that supports Bluetooth), and Linux (and all variants thereof that support Bluetooth), but it will NEVER work with Apple iOS devices... (Yes, we get this question all the time....)
Bluetooth ProXR >
Bluetooth ProXR Lite >

802.15.4 Point to Point Wireless

This is one of our favorite wireless technologies. It is easy to setup and use and very reliable. You need a 802.15.4 modem that plugs into your USB port to talk any number of 802.15.4 Wireless relays with up to 1 mile range!  You can purchase a modem with the device you choose.
802.15.l4 ProXR >
802.15.l4 ProXR Lite >

XSC Long Range Wireless

A fantastic wireless technology that goes a long way...up to 15 miles (though we have never seen it go this far). XSC has the distinction of being the longest range wireless technology we offer, though it is limited to 57.6K Baud, it is very reliable.
XSC ProXR Lite >

Wi-Fi Relay

Much of our development work was done with embedded Wi-Fi. Put simply, we adore this technology and we think you will too. Con-figuration requires careful attention to our instructions, but once It's simply amazing and holds so much promise for future development work. We are working to make configuration easier, but for now, plan on reading our manual found on the product pages BEFORE purchasing....the configuration process is not for everyone.
Wi-Fi ProXR >
Wi-Fi ProXR Lite >

ZigBee Mesh Wireless Networking

ZigBee Mesh networking is pretty slow, but extremely powerful and very reliable when you follow all the rules. We highly recommend you purchase a ZigBee Development Kit from before attempting to use this communication technology...this one is for the advanced user. But it has the distinction of offering a low-cost Mesh networking protocol...which means wireless data hops around the wireless network until it reaches the destination device...very cool! Very powerful, very long range, but NOT for the timid.
ZB Mesh ProXR >
ZB Mesh ProXR Lite >