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Push Notification Series

Push Notification at a Glance

  • Sends Push Notification on Sensor Change
  • Compatible with any Contact Closure Sensor
  • Compatible with WiFi Interface
    • Compatible with TCP or UDP Protocols
    • Read and React to Push Notifications from Server Software
    • Send Push Notifications to a Specific Server or All Devices over a Local Network
  • Compatible with USB and Serial Interfaces
    • Read and React to Push Notifications from Connected Computer
    • Reliable High Speed Sensor Monitoring
  • Compatible with N-Button Software for Easy Automation
  • Eight User-Defined Bytes in Data Transmission

Push Notification - Real Data in Real Time

Flip a switch and send a SMS Text Message. Push a Button and Send an email. Trip a sensor and send a message to a server or computer to do just about anything you want. Log when sensors change state or control relays when switches are triggered. Introducing our Push Notification series controllers, the easiest way to send alerts to servers and computers when a switch changes state. The Push Notification series make it easy for your application to know when a door is opened, a switch is flipped, or motion is detected... from anywhere in the world!

Contact Closure Push Notification

Equipped with 1, 2, 4, or 8 Contact-Closure Inputs, Push Notification series controllers send a message to your home or office computer or network when inputs turn on or off. Push Notification series controllers are small and may be conveniently installed where you need them most. Supply your own form of dry contact sensor, and you will be notified of important real-world activity.

WiFi Allows Internet or LAN Communications

The Push Notification Series with WiFi will let you choose between broadcasting the sensor data over the internet to a specific server or to all devices on a Local Area Network. Push Notification series devices operate over the internet or on a closed LAN connection. Multiple Push Notification controllers can report data from all over the world to a centralized server for data monitoring, logging, and evaluation. Both Local and Internet options give you access to send emails, text messages, and activate relays using N-Button or custom software.

Combine with N-Button

We STRONGLY recommend the use of optional N-Button software in combination with the purchase of Push Notification series controllers. N-Button software is a complete automation software application capable of sending SMS and Email messages, making decisions, controlling relays, and much more. N-Button was developed by www.SerialPortTool.com, a development team that has been developing automation software for our devices for many years.

N-Button is available as an optional upgrade when you add any Push Notification controller to your shopping cart. N-Button software must be running at all times. N-Button is compatible with low-cost Windows XP or later operating systems.