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Ethernet Relay Control

Ethernet Relay Control

Ethernet Relay

Ethernet Relay will Allow Computer Controlled Switching from Any Computer Connected to a 10/100 Ethernet Network. The Ethernet Relay Board Connects to the EthernetPort of your Local Network Hub, Allowing Computer Controlled Switching from Anywhere on the Network.

Ethernet Relay Options

Ethernet Relays are available with SPDT 5, 10 and 20 amp, SPST 30 amp and DPDT 1, 3 & 5 amp relays installed.

Ethernet Relay
Features the new Lantronix Ethernet Module
Extremely Powerful, Very Reliable Relay Control!

Ethernet Relay Features

  • Onboard Ethernet Interface Module
    • Plugs Directly into Router
  • Network Communication Options:
    • Virtual COM Port over Ethernet
    • Direct TCP/IP Communications
    • Supports DHCP and Static IP Addresses
  • Industry Leading Command Set
    • Send Specific Commands to Trigger Relays
    • Trigger Any or All Relays
    • Program in Almost any Language
  • Base Station Software
    • Point & Click Interface
    • Use to Discover Board on Network
    • Read Sensor Levels
    • Read Status of Relays
    • Manually Trigger Relays

Plugs Directly Into Router

Connect your board to the router with a standard ethernet cable and that's all it takes to start sending commands. You can open a socket using TCP/IP Protocols

Plug the standard ethernet cable into your router where it is assigned an IP address and you can send commands to the board over your network.

Ethernet Relay

Ethernet Relay Control
Send commands to trigger a relay, a bank of relays or all relays at once, expandable to 256 relays!
Choose How Many Relays You Need Below

Selecting an Ethernet Relay

How many relays do you need?  Below you will find all the Ethernet Relay Control that are available.  Each section is broken down by the number of relays installed on the board.  Choose how many relays you require and click that link.  This will bring you to a page where you will select a board by how many amps you are switching.  Ethernet Relays are available with up to 32 relays onboard but they can be expanded up to 256 total relays.