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Fusion Expansion Relay Controller 32-Channel 5/10 Amp SPDT

Expansion at a Glance

  • Add Expansion Boards to Fusion
  • Uses FXR Relay Expansion Port
  • I²C Expansion Port
  • Your Choice of 5 or 10 Amp Relays Installed

Four Powerful Relay Control Technologies Fused into One

Fusion: Built to Expand


Fusion Controllers know how to expand. Easily add Analog to Digital Converters, Contact Closure detectors, I²C devices, and a wide variety of sensors to meet your application objectives. The FXR Expansion Port allows you to also add expansion boards and control up to 256 relays.

Fusion Series Relay Controllers know how to connect to your application.  With a simple point and click configuration, you can read a variety of sensors in just a few minutes.  Fusion will automatically monitor your sensor in the background and make relay control decisions if a sensor is tripped or goes outside an acceptable range.

Fusion Series Controllers have 16 programmable I/O lines, which may be used for contact closure input, digital input, digital output, 8/10-Bit Analog to Digital Conversion, or I2C expansion.  In most cases, these features may be mixed and matched as your application requires.

Fusion Digital I/O

With 16 programmable I/O lines available, Fusion Relay Controllers can easily interface to a variety of logic circuits, ideal for the expert developer who needs low-level bit control.  Program any I/O line as an input or output.  Read and Write individual data bits or read and write data one 8-bit port at a time.

Fusion Analog to Digital Conversion

Fusion Series controllers include 16-Channels of Analog to Digital conversion, capable of reading many popular sensors with an output voltage of 0 to 5VDC.  Interface to photocells for light sensing applications, thermistors for temperature sensing applications, or interface to potentiometers, current sensors, or any other device capable of providing a 0 to 5VDC output.

I2C Expandability

Fusion Series Controllers include a I2C port for access to devices such as gyroscopes, high-resolution analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, port expanders, potentiometers, light temperature and humidity sensors, and much more.  A second "hidden" I2C bus in the Fusion Expansion Relay (FXR) Port allows us to develop a wide variety of I2C and Relay Expansion devices combined on a single expansion.

Two UXP Ports

Fusion Series controllers include TWO UXP Ports allowing interface to a variety of NCD expansion devices.  Expand contact closure input detection up to 2048 Channels per UXP Port.  Add 16, 32, or 48-Channels of 12-Bit Analog to Digital Conversion per UXP port, expanding your Analog input capabilities up to 96-Channels per Fusion controller!  Each UXP port is also capable of controlling 256 Potentiometer output channels.  Connect a simple Breakout board to the UXP port to access the 8 programmable digital I/O or 10-Bit Analog input channels.

Distance Measurement

Fusion Series controllers easily interface to Ultrasonic Transducers capable of accurately measuring distance up to 6 feet with .250" (6.35mm) resolution.  Use Ultrasonic sensors to control relays if an obstruction is detected.  Up to 8 ultrasonic transducers are supported by the Fusion series CPU.

FXR Expansion Port

Fusion Series controllers are equipped with our Second Generation FXR Relay Expansion Port.  The FXR Port carries the same relay control data as the XR Expansion port found in earlier controllers.  In addition to relay control data, an integrated I2C port allows us to design expansions that include input/output capabilities in addition to relay control functions.

  FXR Expansion Port

XR Relay Expansion Controllers add a large variety of relay switching capabilities to an existing NCD device!.

FXR Expansion Ports are used to add banks of external relays to a Fusion Controller and are not compatible with any other controller series.  As we continue to develop new devices, a modular architecture will be implemented, offering the greatest amount of user flexibility.



  Controlling XR Expansion Banks

FXR Expansion Boards have no on-board brains. They are entirely reliant on the brains of a "master" device. A master device is an NCD controller with an XR expansion port and a microprocessor of some kind. Some master devices are wireless, and some master devices have digital I/O and analog to digital conversion capabilities. Some master devices also have on-board relays. When you run out of relays, just plug in an XR expansion controller that is equipped with the kind of relays you need.


The FXR Expansion Modules add the following benefits:

  • Adds up to 256 Relays to the System
  • I2C Capabilities
  • A/D inputs on Expansion Board
  • Your Choice of 5 or 10 Amp Relays Installed

As you continue to chain FXR relay expansion controllers onto an FXR expansion port, the total number of available relay banks will increase. Each master device is only capable of controlling a fixed number of relay banks. You should review the product manual of the master device you are using to determine the maximum number of supported relays banks. This modular expansion approach will allow you to chain relays of all kinds to a single NCD device.


  Linking XR Expansion Boards Together

FXR Expansion Boards include a 6" ribbon cable with a keyed connector, used to link the expansion controller to an NCD device. At the other end of the relay expansion board is an FXR Pass-Through connector, allowing you to chain additional relay banks.

Fusion Expansion Relay Controller 32-Channel 5/10 Amp SPDT

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Fusion Expansion Relay Controller 32-Channel 5/10 Amp SPDT

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