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16x2 Analog SELector Matrix Switcher


16x2 Analog SELector Matrix Switcher

Compliance to ROHS Standards

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16x2 Analog SELector Matrix Switcher
Download Example Code for Controlling the ASELPRO from Visual Basic 6.
Download Example Code for Controlling the ASELPRO with a Basic Stamp II.
Download the ASELPRO/8S2SPRO Product Manual.
Control 256 NCD Devices from a Single RS-232 Serial Port.


Compact, Low-Profile Design
2400, 9600, 19.2K, 38.4K Baud Operation
Connect 256 Devices per Serial Port
20 RCA type Phono Connectors
E3C Device Enabled LED
Serial Communications LEDs
Programmable Startup Input Selection
Available as 16x2 or 8Sx2S
Simple 3-Wire Operation
Quick Connect Terminal Blocks
On-Board Negative Generator
+12 Volt Operation
30+ MHz Signal Bandwidth
Low Signal Noise
Low Signal Cross-talk
8 5/8" x 2" Outline Dimensions


16x2 Audio/Video Switcher
Stock #: ASELPRO  
1-9 $149/ea
10-24 $139/ea
25-99 $129/ea
100+ $109/ea
8 Stereo x 2 Stereo A/V Switcher
Stock #: 8S2SPRO  
1-9 $149/ea
10-24 $139/ea
25-99 $129/ea
100+ $109/ea
Quick Start Kit: QS12

Quick Start Kits provide everything you need to begin using your ASELPRO or 8S2SPRO switcher.  Kit includes a high quality regulated switcher supply, serial cable, and RSIO adapter (shown below).

QS12 $49  
New Version 4.0 Firmware Shipping

Release Date: November 8th, 2004 Version 4.0 Firmware and Updated Software Supports 2-Way Communication, Programmable E3C device Number, Programmable Startup Input Selection, and Baud Rates up to 38.4K.  A New Manual has also been prepared for this product.


A Powerful Alternative to Expensive Video Switchers

Since it's release in 1999, the original ASEL and 8S2S analog switchers have commanded a large following of customers.  As times and products continue to evolve, so does our product line.  The new ASELPRO and 8S2SPRO controllers were designed to replace ASEL and 8S2S controllers.  Offering lots of new features with no change in price.  The ASELPRO and 8S2SPRO is a direct, drop-in replacement for the ASEL and 8S2S controllers.

ASELPRO 16x2 16 Input 2 Output Switcher

The ASELPRO is a 16 Input, 2 Output Analog SELector (ASEL), ideally suited for applications that require solid-state switching of analog signals under computer control.  The ASELPRO is very popular for its use in video switching applications, but can easily be used for audio signals or analog sensor signals.

8S2SPRO 8 Stereo Input 2 Stereo Output Switcher

he 8S2SPRO is a 8 Stereo Input, 2 Stereo Output Analog Switcher (8S2S), capable of routing any stereo input to any stereo output under computer control.  Stereo input channels are fully isolated and are switched simultaneously.  Stereo channels may be used for stereo audio, dual channel video switching, or single channel audio + video channel synchronous switching applications.

These devices have become very popular among our customer in security camera switching applications, home audio switching.

Electrical Characteristics

Both ASELPRO and 8S2SPRO are capable of switching signals in as little as 400 nanoseconds with a peak switching rate of 1,280 times per second at 38.4K baud.  Both devices are capable of switching true bipolar analog signals within a +/-5V range at 30+ MHz with as little as -69db signal isolation and -92db crosstalk between channels with a 40 nanosecond break-before-make interval.  The input to output resistance between channels is typically 120 Ohms.  The outputs of these devices are pure unbuffered analog signals.  Inputs may be used as outputs and outputs may be used as inputs. 

These devices are suitable for line level audio signals only, they should not be used with amplified audio signals.

These devices do NOT support vertical interval switching in video applications.  It may be necessary to turn off input termination on some monitors for proper operation.  This device is does drop the incoming signal by about 120 Ohms.  You can simulate the use of this controller by placing a 120 Ohm resistor between your signal source and destination (video camera and monitor for video applications), and testing the integrity of the resulting signal.  This device uses the popular Maxim MAX306 (for the ASELPRO) and the MAX307 (for the 8S2SPRO).  These devices provide a +/-5V bipolar supply, specifications on the switching characteristicds of these devices can be obtained from www.maxim-ic.com.  A detailed mechanical drawing can be viewed by clicking here

16x2 Analog SELector Matrix Switcher

Product Code: ASELPRO
16x2 Analog SELector Matrix Switcher

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