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Key Fob Relay Control

Key Fob Relay Control

Key Fob Relay

Key Fob Relay at a Glance

  • Control Relays with a Key Fob
  • 750 Foot Range
  • Pair up to 40 Key Fob Remotes
  • Includes Security Encryption
  • Relay Flash, Toggle, On/Off, and Timer Control

About Key Fob Relays

Our 2nd generation Key Fob Series controllers allow users to control relays from a hand-held remote up to 750 feet away!  Configure buttons to toggle relays, turn relays on and off, activate timers and control relay flashers.  Integrated security features prevent unauthorized operation while maintaining easy configuration.  Pair up to 40 different Key Fob remotes to a single controller.

Same Control Commands as our Computer Controlled Relays

Not to be confused with single function low-cost solutions, our Key Fob Reactor Relay Controllers are years ahead!  You can now send the same commands to the board as our computer controlled relays with a key fob you hold in your hand!  Use a button to activate a Relay, use another button to deactivate a relay.  Use another button to toggle a relay.  Use another button as a momentary switch.  Key Fob Controllers allow you to configure your Key Fob Buttons using the same command set as our computer controlled relays.

750 Feet of Operation

With a tiny Key Fob Remote Control, you can Take Control of your Relays up to 750 Feet of reliable operation away using the standard included antenna.  You can pair up to 40 key fobs to a single controller or a single key fob con pair with multiple boards.