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NCD ActiveX Control The NCD ActiveX is a plug-in for many of today's popular programming language, allowing you to EASILY communicate to NCD Devices using simple Macro commands.  The NCD ActiveX supports direct communications to the Serial port via the Windows API, NO OTHER DEPENDENCY FILES ARE REQUIRED!!!  The NCD ActiveX is constantly evolving.  This version is not yet fully compatible with .NET, but it does work with some minor glitches.
NCD ActiveX Tutorial This tutorial shows you how to use the ActiveX for the first time.
NCD.EXE Utility The NCD.EXE Utility allows you to run an .EXE file with various command line options for controlling NCD devices.  This utility is very useful for applications that do not support serial communications.
LabVIEW Resources Use LabVIEW to control NCD devices. 
Visual Basic Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates how to use Visual Basic 6 and Earlier to control NCD devices using the MSComm Control.  This is our MOST POPULAR ARTICLE.
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