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4 Channel Relay Controller Boards

4 Channel Relay Controller Boards

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4 Channel Relay board

4 Channel Relay

Conveniently Small Size

Our 4 Channel Relay Controller offers a conveniently small size with the integrated power of our standardized PRO relay command set. Quad relay controllers are ideal for computer control applications where small size and high functionality are required.  We offer a large selection of 4 Relay Drivers for applications ranging from low power signal switching to high voltage, high current applications and 4 channel dpdt relay. 

Configurations To Fit Every Need

If your looking for a four channel relay controller we have a configuration to fit every need.  RS-232 Relay controllers allow computer controlled switching using the Serial port of your computer.  Our 4 Channel USB Relay interface mounts as a virtual COM port for easy programming across all major operating systems, ensuring compatibility with all programming languages that support serial connections.  And if your looking for wireless, our 4 Channel 802.15.4 Wireless Relay couldn't be easier!  A 802.15.4 Wireless relay controller offers wireless communications with no special software! 

Latest Advancements

Look for our ProXR series controllers for the latest advancements in signal switching!  Available in USB Relay, 802.15.4 Wireless Relay and RS-232 Relay configurations, the ProXR Series is capable of controlling up to 256 relays.  Whether you need power switching or 4 channel DPDT relay, the ProXR Series are built from the ground up with Expansion in mind.  Simply Chain the XR Expansion Modules, one after another, to meet your computer controlled switching requirements. For more detailed information and to order, please click on the links below.