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USB to Fiber Optic Interface

USBFOI USB to Fiber Optic Interface

USB Interface for Fiber Optic Relays

Fiber Optic Interface BoardCompliance to ROHS Standards

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Signal Switch Compatible
USB to Fiber Optic
 Interface Board

Provides Communication capabilities for any of our Fiber Optic Relays.
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 Release Date July 14, 2008.
Use the USB Port of your Computer to Talk to ANY NCD Fiber Optic Controller
Mounts as a COM Port, Allowing Easy Programming of NCD Fiber Optic Devices
Write your Program to Speak to a COM Port, Let this Device Handle All Communications to Fiber Optic Controllers
USB Interface Supports Virtual COM Baud Rates up to 115.2K Baud
Plug In, Open the COM Port and Start Sending Commands
Optically Isolated Interface offers Superior Protection for your Computer
Use Other Fiber Optic Interface Options as your Needs Evolve
Mechanical Drawing of Fiber Optic Interface Board
USB to Fiber Optic Interface Board
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USB Interface for Fiber Optic Relays

The USBFOI Fiber Optic Interface controllers makes it very easy to connect any NCD Fiber Optic Device to your computer.  This USB Interface allows you to easily communicate to NCD Fiber Optic Devices using the USB port of your computer.

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This device mounts as a COM port, and handles all fiber optic communications as though it were a serial port connected to your PC.  This configuration makes it very easy for any programmer to write software to speak to NCD Fiber Optic Devices.

Simply develop your application to speak to a standard serial device, let our Fiber Optic device handle the rest.

Fiber Optics offer superior noise immunity and protection of your computer for high power control applications.  Fiber Optic interface controllers offer the Safest, fastest, and most reliable communication technology, allowing you to easily upgrade to other interface options as your needs change.

Superior lightning protection, noise immunity, and high induction tolerance make fiber optics the most viable choice for our most exclusive customers. 

Includes USB Cable, Undrilled Plastic Enclosure, 2 10-Feet strands of Fiber Optic Cable, USB to Fiber Optic Converter.

USB to Fiber Optic Interface

Product Code: USBFOI
USB to Fiber Optic Interface

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