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What Bluetooth Antenna Option would you like?
What's This?:
Basic Internal Antenna (Included)
Enhanced Range External Antenna ( +$20 )

NOTICE: We currently do not support any Bluetooth Communications on mobile device platforms other than Windows Mobile and Android devices.

Would you like a Bluetooth Configuration Kit to configure your device?
**Recommended** (Only one is needed to configure all your Bluetooth Modules)
What's This?: (+$29)
Yes, I would like a Bluetooth Configuration Kit necessary to configure my Bluetooth Module ( +$39 )
No I already have a Bluetooth Configuration Kit or ZigMo to configure my Bluetooth Device.

Do you need a Power Supply?
What's This?:
No Power Supply will be Included
120VAC to 12VDC 1.25A 60Hz USA Computer Grade Regulated Power Supply ( +$24 )
100-240VAC to 12VDC 1.5A 50/60Hz International Computer Grade Regulated Power Supply with 4 Adapters ( +$36 )

24V to 12V Power Converter Option: Do you want to Power Your Controller at 24 Volts?
What's This?:
No Thanks, I already have a power supply solution
AC/DC Power Converter 24V AC Input to 12V DC Output at 5 Amps Wire to Wire ( +$19 )
24V DC Power Converter with 6 Foot Power Cable and 2.1mm Power ( +$19 )
DC/DC Power Converter 24V DC Input to 12V DC Output at 5 Amps Wire to Wire ( +$24 )
AC/DC Power Converter 24V AC Input to 12V DC Output at 3 Amps Wire to 2.1mm Male ( +$24 )

This Item is Lead-Free RoHS Compliant :
RoHS Compliant

Do you need Two Induction Suppression Capacitors?
What's This?:
No Thanks, I'm switching a resistive load
Yes, Send 2 100VDC / 65VAC Capacitor ( +$3.98 )
Yes, Send 2 250VDC / 160VAC Capacitor ( +$4.78 )
Yes, Send 2 400VDC / 200VAC Capacitor ( +$6.98 )
Yes, Send 2 630VDC / 250VAC Capacitor ( +$9.78 )

Would you like to add an enclosure?:
No Thanks, I don't need an enclosure
Yes, add GFL Enclosure ( +$15 )

Would you like a ZUSB Module to help during Setup and Troubleshooting? All customers are STRONGLY ADVISED to purchase at least ONE USB Communication Module. This communication module may be used to recover a controller or to reconfigure a controller should there be an accidental loss of communications. NCD Tech support may be unable to assist customers who do not have a USB Communications Module available for troubleshooting purposes.
What's This?:
No Thanks!
Yes, I need a ZUSB Module - 6' USB Cable Included ( +$35 )

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